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Consume barkeepers

 updated Saturday, June 25th 2005

in no particular order

Minka, Jim Dudley, Cedric Price, Valeria Heisenberg, Milena Vrtalova, Tatjana Steiner, Karl Unglaub, Michael Brem, Martina Cooper, Bernd Mey, Mascha, Tony Hunt, Catrin and Christa Seufert, Anke and Heike Schleper, Kevin Slavin, Thilo Heinzmann, Traschan, Roshine, Catherine Spellmann, Hermann Koch, Kobe Matthys, Daniel Kohl, Markus Gekttidis, Bart, Verena Gros, Mikael Horstmann, Andeas Wohn, Florian Malzacher, Dr. Gurengo, Noémie Solomon, Christian Pantzer, Cathy Naden, Claire Marshall and many more…

Consume would like to thank:

milena vrtalovatobias rehbergertigers cathy naden and claire marshallNoémiecedric price serves at consume bar

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