The next Consume bar

The next consume

The surfboard will be in action on Vaterstag in May 2018. Location to be confirmed. Probably in spitting distance of a river.
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Consume is a nomadic, at times self-propelled, bar and soundsystem, maybe an installation, initiated in a few subterranean, derelict rooms of the Städel in 1991.

Back then, the bar ran for three hours every Thursday evening, with “Last Orders” being called at 8:45 pm. At this time, there was no Mensa in the Städel and there was very little chance for students and professors to meet and discuss informally. Consume provided, for a moment or two, a social hub or place where ideas could be tested as heatedly as one needed too.

Consume progressed out of the Städel to turn it’s attention to all kinds of latent spaces in other cities in Europe and as far as Thailand. To this day, Christian Pantzer, Daniel Kohl and Tony Hunt, have been gate-crashing art gallery openings, partys, truck-trailers, military training grounds, city streets and traffic islands, etc. that they felt could do with a bar to help turn a space into a place.

Consumers can work behind the bar but are unpaid except for free booze. They are free to take it with them to make a DIY Consume of their own. The whole architecture consists of a bricolage of consumers, a surfboard and other junk, that flies in the face the handed down rules of design, power in architecture, offer and acceptance, etc. The propulsion system consists of tiny motor, a cranky series of gears and spoked wheels which are optimistically controlled by a deranged system of collision sensors, recalcitrant steering and a broken ski stick for directional modulation. After a few hours, the space is left as it was to carry on as usual.