quelques practiques de la dérive
une planche de surf en mouvement peut être dangereusement près de chez vous en ce moment!

Consume Montez

Consume Bar bei Familie Montez “My Generation” show 23.01.2009 Frankfurt city center. Part of the exhibition in the historic cellars of the old Famlieie Montez e.V. artist group.   a couple of links to other images and texts about this evening: http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/content/2009/gruppe-5-my-generation-familie-montez?page=6 http://www.ipernity.com/doc/realbeck/3978553/in/keyword/441997/self

Bernie + Dave on the Table

The closing night of the Consume bar at the Playing the City exhibition was rounded out by live music performances from Bernhard Schreiner & Dave Cabone. For the fist set the bar was motorized and a video camera placed on the surfboard which filmed the set in a long, slow, back and forth, Tarkovsky type […]

Unfriendly Takeover

Together with Unfriendly Takeover: there were upturned surfboards on beer crates, a self propelled bar on the river front, two Land Ladies wearing tiger ears toasting everything under the sun, way too many cooks in the kitchen, a guy in a Burger King crown loudly swallowing a microphone, eight nights, eight locations in Frankfurt: Cristallo Bar Honsell Brücke […]

100 years of the Ready Made

Saturday 14th December 18:00-23:00 On the river-front Frankfurt. A homage the ready made which was first put together by Marcel Duchamp in his studio 100 year ago. Another sub-zero bar On this night we served applewein for the very first time. The bar was supported by an inverted version of the first Duchamp ready made […]

architekturMobil Frankfurt

Location: the public sqaure Roßmarkt in Frankfurt center. The space is really too large in relation to the height of the surrounding buildings to function properly in an urban context. Crossing the space feels a bit like stepping into an uban desert. We kind of kept to the edge where there were some small trees […]

Consume meets Kastenhaus

In the rain by the Winter + Hörbelt Kastenhaus exhibition opening at the St. Georgen Park, Frankfurt. the surfboard on two crates ghetto blaster with taped music and live Moroccan music beer and some blessed wine The Exhibition Opening Winter + Hörbelt are two sculptors and very old regulars at the Consume bar. With great pleasure […]

Winter + Hörbelt Kastenhaus

This one was sub-zero temperatures on Tuesday 26th November 16:30-22:30 Sankt Georgen – Winter+ Hörbelt Kastenhaus Pavilion Offenbacher Landstraße 224, 60599 Frankfurt The last night of the Kastenhaus before being dismantled and shipped across the Atlantic. link to winter-hörbelt There was live music, hot mulled wine, cold beer and much loss of memory. At this […]