Frankfurter Sport-und Kunst Kasino August + September 2021

28.08 – 25.09.2021 Jahrhunderthalle, Pfaffenwiese 301, 65929 Frankfurt am Main

Our discussions with the authorities for the above project, have resulted in the following conditions for Consume-Bar:

1. Consume-bar in the wild, only under the supervision of the Office of Social Distance (in uniform, summer edition).

2. Social distances of >1.5 m as well as >2.0 m for artists and persons with unclear migratory or magnetic backgrounds must be observed, e.g. through the use of appropriate physical measures.

3. Conversations may only consist of vowel letters, vowel sounds or syllables without consonants (to reduce the risk of spitting). The speech apparatus must not be constricted. The organs of coordination and articulation responsible for speech sounds shall be anesthetized with sufficient amounts of alcohol. The Office of Rhetorical Language and Opportunity has strongly encouraged us to use as an example the manner of speaking in London pubs.

4. Chit chat and orders at the bar itself may only be made in finger alphabet or sign language to mitigate spitting, etc.

5. Bar staff may not ask questions about the order, in order to mitigate spitting hazards. In the interest of everyone’s safety, customers will get what is given to them. The bartender is always right.

6. Live musical accompaniment is allowed only in the form of performance of primal sounds and only with new recordings from lockdown 2020 without consonants and pharyngeal sounds. Live poems with ejections from the nasal cavity are strictly forbidden.

7. Boom boxes with a migration background (i.e. not Made in Germany) are to be covered with FPP masks over all woofers and tweeter without gaps. Boom boxes made in Germany may be operated with tested toilet paper entertainment protection.
Sound generators with Dieter Rams rotary knobs are to be operated with 1.5 m chopsticks.

8. As the CBSB (Consume Bar Surfboard Bar) is expected to remain in customary MBM (meter per minute) motion, all provisions of the ÖBNV for protection in the movement of persons and booze will apply for the duration of the operation.

9. Bar opening hours will be strictly limited to 15 minutes per half hour.

10. The Consume 0.33 liter beer pass-through Covid-Screen has been approved.