Unfriendly Takeover

Together with Unfriendly Takeover: there were upturned surfboards on beer crates, a self propelled bar on the river front, two Land Ladies wearing tiger ears toasting everything under the sun, way too many cooks in the kitchen, a guy in a Burger King crown loudly swallowing a microphone, eight nights, eight locations in Frankfurt:

  • Cristallo Bar
  • Honsell Brücke
  • Städelschule
  • Tiger Bar Schwedlersee
  • Fast Room on the river front
  • Atelierhaus Frankfurt
  • Mousonturm
  • Honselbrücke



Anke + Heike Schleper, Bernie Schreiner, Tony Hunt, Mikael Horstmann, Andeas Wohn, Florian Malzacher, Dr. Gurengo, Noémie Solomon, Christian Pantzer, Cathy Naden, Claire Marshall


The Panther, Lone Twin, Khan, Khrystyna, DJ Parardroid, Chrisoph Lauber, Florian Schneider, Bernie Schreiner, DJ Blondie, Alon Ovnat

Live Performances:

Bizz Circuits with Intifada Offspring, Achim Wollscheid, Vive, Khan

and the infamous “Tiger Bar”
from and with Cathy Naden & Claire Marshall (Forced Entertainment, GB)
“The word is that in twenty years time Cathy Naden and Claire Marshall will open the Tiger Bar. Tonight will be their first rehearsal. There will be an upturned surfboard, stacks of beer crates and who knows what next as the alcohol flows? There should be toasts, old songs and fallings in love. There’s bound to be some very bad, very cheap jokes. There could be loose tongues and louche behaviour, old scores settled and new pacts forged. Someone may take a tumble. Bills won’t get paid. The bar is open. No reasonable request refused.”


I´d like to drink to Ahmed´s Irish Keller in Sandweg, Frankfurt.

I´d like to drink to just the bars back in England.
I´d like to drink to pubs.

I´d like to drink to downstairs at the Scarborough.

I´d like to drink to the Seven Stars Pub in the East End.

I´d like to drink to the liscencing hours.

I´d like to drink to Scotland…
…everybody charge your glasses for Scotland.
This is really serious…
can we have a moment´s silence please…

…to Scotland!
I´d like to drink to the Watershed.

I´d like to drink to downstairs at Nimo´s.

I´d like to drink to upstairs at the Sack Club.

I´d like to drink to Manifesto…
…and I´d like to drink to… a place

I´d like to drink to that place too.