architekturMobil Frankfurt

Location: the public sqaure Roßmarkt in Frankfurt center. The space is really too large in relation to the height of the surrounding buildings to function properly in an urban context. Crossing the space feels a bit like stepping into an uban desert. We kind of kept to the edge where there were some small trees and an entrance to the underground car park.

  • For the ocasion we used only red beer crates.
  • Bernhard had given us a little Marshall half stack which is now the Consume Sound System.
  • The “usual suspects” thankfully dodged the rain and joined us for a windy wet evening in no-mans land in the city.

Consume on the Roßmarkt

Anke Wünschmann had already placed her ArchitekturMobil in the square. this work was a convertible, collapsible, extendable, mobile red piece of architeture, the kind of thing that invites curiosity in passers by, if they look up from their i-devices for long enough.

As we rolled up there was a joint audio performance by Bernhard Schreiner and Achim Wollscheid underway. Setting up the Consume bar has become part of our “performance”. This time we used the motor and the new direction ski-stick-shift, now named the Bremski.

We had also renovated the equipment the day before as the whole mobile assembly was worn out.