Winter + Hörbelt Kastenhaus

This one was sub-zero temperatures on Tuesday 26th November 16:30-22:30 Sankt Georgen – Winter+ Hörbelt Kastenhaus Pavilion Offenbacher Landstraße 224, 60599 Frankfurt The last night of the Kastenhaus before being dismantled and shipped across the Atlantic. link to winter-hörbelt There was live music, hot mulled wine, cold beer and much loss of memory. At this […]

Unfriendly Takeover

Together with Unfriendly Takeover: there were upturned surfboards on beer crates, a self propelled bar on the river front, two Land Ladies wearing tiger ears toasting everything under the sun, way too many cooks in the kitchen, a guy in a Burger King crown loudly swallowing a microphone, eight nights, eight locations in Frankfurt: Cristallo Bar Honsell Brücke […]