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Consume Luis Campaña

Consume Luis Campaña In the Ballet School below Luis Campaña’s Gallery back in 1992 at the time of the Frankfurt Art Fair. The barkeepers are Milena Vrtalova, Valeria Heisenberg and Tobias Rehberger. Luis gave us a signed copy of Charles Schumann’s American Bar book which we passed on twenty years later to The Crypt bar […]

Bernie + Dave

The closing night of the Consume bar at the Playing the City exhibition was rounded out by live music performances from Bernhard Schreiner & Dave Cabone. For the fist set the bar was motorized and a video camera placed on the surfboard which filmed the set in a long, slow, back and forth, Tarkovsky type […]

Consume Rehberger

Consume for Tobias at his appartment on his birthday in 1992 with Bavarian breakfast of white sausages with wheat beer.

Consume architekturMobil

Consume + architekturMobil Friedensplatz, Darmstadt 24 June, 2011 As we drove up there was a hands-on audio installation underway by Kacheltisch, 3 units with feedback looped back into mixer circuits – I think – On the bar the Bremski worked perfectly, the motor had to be super-tensioned with a luggage strap at + 3m. This […]

Consume Tatort

Consume Tatort At the invitation of Prof. Liebscher, we were invited to give a lecture about the Consume hit-and-run tactics, as part of the Tatort series, to the students of HfG Photography class in 2009. After the lecture we inaugurated the new classroom which was in the old castle with vaulted ceiling. Special photographer beer […]

Playing The City

Consume Playing The City An exhibition of the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt from 2009. The bar was motorized and let loose the roof of a now demolished structure nicknamed The Table next to the art institution. The bar was proppeled at 0.04km/h around the rooftop between the guests. Sensors at the front and back reverse […]

Chauffe Marcel!

Montpelier, France: 16th June 2006 A serial bar stalking the city, strolling through the streets with a surfboard and a trolley loaded with booze, pausing outside locations of culture bringing the temptation of easy liquor to the consumers of art. Some very good food was eaten. Point of departure: FRAC and then wandering south-east, well […]

Consume with Cedric Price

We were asked by Peter Cook if we could do a Consume bar for the opening of the Mensa that he designed in Frankfurt. This was 12th December 1992. Special guest at the opening was Cedric Price who loudly declared, to anyone that would listen, that he wanted to run the Consume bar. Who could […]

Consume Frauen gegen ‘ism

Consume Frauen gegen alles Summer 1992, a bar organised by the artists of Atelier W-09 on the river front in Frankfurt. We were a little aprehensive, because in London such a gathering would quickly upset the Metroploitain Police. But in Frankfurt the Police have more important things to deal with. Tatjana Steiner hat advised the […]